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this is only a Test 😛 using post by email

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Warfare Fever

November 15, 2009 1 comment


Raping all the noobs out there in XBL 

add me if you want a tough challenge : DrK MaTaDoR

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Assassin creed : Bloodlines

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This game is simply amazing  😯 , This game has it all from Killer graphics   to Awesome gameplay. Heres the short review:

I love the open world environment and the assassination moves , the story i still dont know how long it is but if i did im gonna post a quick update,

Don’t you even dare getting me started with the gameplay. the gameplay rocks but When you start to fight the NPC’s its bad the attacks just suck thats why i only stick with assassinations.

Well thats it folks thats what i got for you tell then STICK AROUND FOR ANOTHER REVIEW.

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Call of duty : modern warfare 2

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I am finally getting my dirty hand on this sexy game cant wait to kill all the noobs out there

if u wanna game add me in xbox live : DrK MaTaDoR

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My favourite game of all time is out 🙂 WOHOO and it just rocks  its on the PSP& the Ps2 🙂 damn im soooo happy

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World of warcraft private server expected

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World of warcraft private server is gonna be online in a few weeks im doing some updates and will do custom malls / items and a special place for admins 😀  but none of the less it will be a long time till I get to do these stuff  wish me luck .

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What to choose ?

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What to choose i’ve been confused to either buy a macbook pro 13 inch which is this

MacBook Pro 13or the  brand new polycarbonate macbook 13 inch ?new_MacBook_610x456Ohh well i guess in a few months i will finally choose 🙂

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